Sunday, June 26, 2011

A new ecosystem for copyright-protected media

What the Digital Content Exchange (patent pending app. no. 10591416, priority date March 4, 2004) provides is a new ecosystem for copyrighted works.  Copyright cannot sustain life under the current ecosystem.   Apple's  "Scan & Match" iCloud and Amazon's Cloud Player are recent examples of attempts to "strip-mine" copyright resources and are very bad for the envronment that copyrighted works need to thrive.  (Unfortunately, the record companies, with their craving of up-front cash, are the boss of this strip-mine.)

An entirely new ecosystem is needed.  This goes beyond a business model, beyond just another new "app".  But it will work with all business models, with all apps.  A subscription service like Spotify needs a proper ecosystem just as much as a digital download service does, just as a radio station like Pandora does.

You can see an example of how this ecosystem works for music here.  But it also works for books and video, too.

If you are interested in giving this new ecosystem a chance to show what it can do, be part of the solution in any of the following ways:
a)  Explore!  Get in touch with us.  Ask questions.  We love questions. We love challenges!  And we need your input to make the ecosystem work better.
b)  if you personally are involved with music, books, or video, no matter where you are in the supply chain, cooperate with the DCE.  Share your registrations on a voluntary "opt-in" basis.  If you are the copyright  owner, share metadata about a work that you have created (among other reasons, so we can pay you!).
c)  If you are a cloud provider, please, do not allow counterfeit songs to be stored and accessed in your cloud.  Allow the DCE to verify a clean cloud for you.
d) invest in the future of the DCE ecosystem.  The sooner we can provide this new environment, the sooner artists can reassert that control over their works in digital space that is their moral right ... and things will start to look a lot brighter
e) become a beta tester at
f) help us "scale up" by registering your library (i.e. your media collection) with the DCE.  And consider immobilizing it in the DCE "cloud" (which, until one of the big cloud companies start verifying, is the only clean cloud and therefore the only cloud that allows you to trade, sell, or lend your library.) 

And I would like to issue a challenge to anyone who is concerned about the copyright ecosystem:  The next time you are thinking about shipping a used CD or video using, e.g., Amazon or eBay ... don't!  The new owner may "rip it and ship it".  This just introduces new counterfeits into the environment.  Instead, ship it to the DCE and let your CD live in the DCE ecosystem.  Your CD will be verified, immobilized and registered in your name.  When you go to sell it to another user, the Exchange will assure a "one-for-one" exchange.  No "freebies"!!

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