Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why We Don't 'Launch' and Why We Don't Need Money

All roads lead to the DCE.

After all the industries are done thrashing around with ideas that don't quite work because they are missing an ingredient ... they'll come to us to get that ingredient.

Therefore, we are not a "start-up" and we don't chase money.  Whether you realize it or not, you are expecting the next big breakthrough on the web to look and act like all those other "internet phenomena".   But The Digital Content Exchange is something totally different.

We have demonstrated how a DCE cloud and trading system would work at (beta test, if you wish). We don't want money.  We don't need money.  We need understanding.  And we realize that understanding takes a frame of reference. Getting a frame of reference takes time.  Every day, the people whose jobs it is to monetize and make-safe the Internet for books, music, video, and search are gaining the frame of reference they need to understand the DCE.  Money or a "launch" would not help people gain that frame of reference.

It is not surprising that people do not have the frame of reference. The genius of the DCE comes from an entirely different industry: financial data and transactions.  For people (like me) that don't even know how to balance their own checkbooks, it is difficult.  I was personally introduced to the DCE in 2004 and it took me four years to get the proper frame of reference.  It took me four years to even understand what the problem really was (Hint: it's not piracy, it's counterfeiting. Second hint: it's not file sharing, it's non-verification. Third hint: it's not lack of DRM, it's lack of registration.). Since it took me, an entertainment lawyer, a copyright expert, four years in order to "get the hint", we are expecting for it to take quite a long time for people whose frame of reference is even less akin.

So, in the meantime, while we wait for people to gain that frame of reference, we are just going about the business of enjoying our lives.  (Which means making fun tweaks to and, for Jim, playing basketball and, for me, hanging out with my family, reading fiction classics and non-fiction anything, exercising and DJ'ing.)

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