Friday, April 8, 2011

Amazon's Craig Pape agrees with us. Well, sort of.

A story published in the Irish Independent today quotes Craig Pape, director of music at Amazon, and the company’s point man for the Amazon Cloud Drive and Player:

"We’re trying to make purchased music more valuable. And we think that’s good for everybody.”

This is the first time I've seen in print the statement that has been a golden rule for us here at the DCE since the beginning (2003): that new apps and wonderful ways of accessing music digitally, like the new Cloud Player, add value to downloads.

The problem is of course that you are also adding value to illegal songs as well as legal ones. How do you determine which are which? That is where the digital content exchange comes in.

(As for why Craig Pape and his company probably don’t implement DCE verification, or call us back, see here.)

So it cannot be "good for everybody" to give counterfeit equal value to purchased.  If you do that, counterfeit will win every time...

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