Friday, October 1, 2010

Meeting with IPFI Postponed

At the last minute, the meeting we had scheduled for yesterday with the IPFI (representing the worldwide recording industry) was postponed for two weeks by the IFPI. They have looked at our links and apparently want to talk to us. What about, we still do not know.

We want to be as open as possible about who we are meeting with and when. We do not want anybody to say, "Oh, they were having secret meetings with the record companies back in October 2010. They are in the record companies' back pocket" We will meet with anybody. This is because we are the solution for everybody. Not just record companies (though they need us pretty bad right now because their business model seems to be directly affected by the "incoherence" of digital space, which we resolve.)

We are the solution for listeners, watchers, readers and students. We are also the solution for artists, authors and filmmakers. We are the solution for music publishers, video manufacturers, retail stores, Netflix, Blockbuster, public libraries, universities trying to control the costs of education, Amazon and Kindle. All these trades will thrive and prosper under a Digital Content Exchange. In fact we are the solution for everybody, except the pirate. Him, we put out of business.

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